Work performed spring 2014 through summer 2016 in excess of $5.4 million on three contracts:

1) MDC 2013B-30: Yard Piping and Site Work
Site prep and excavation for future 2.5 million gallon water tank including 8450 CY of mass and 950 CY of trench rock by mechanical means, installation of 880 LF of 42" DI water main, two 42" gate valve vault chambers, coordination of 42" line stop, and associated work including creation of access roads, sewer line extension, fencing and site restoration.

2) MDC 2011-65A: Subcontractor to DN Tanks
Performed all site work associated with construction of a 2.5 million gallon water storage tank, including footing excavation, 42" piping into tank, backfill, and perimeter road construction.

3) MDC 2015B-42: Emergency Pipeline and Valve Replacement
This emergency project included installation of two 42" line stops and one 36" line stop to allow for installation of two 42" gate valves and vaults, one new 36" gate valve and vault, approximately 150 LF of 42" DI water main and 90 LF of 36" water main, and all related site preparation and restoration.